Under-age sex referendum

A topical issue, which relates to a proposed amendment to the Constitution of Ireland which has been suggested recently.



Any such amendment would have to be adopted at a referendum of all citizens who are entitled to vote in parliamentary elections.

The proposed amendment (if there is one) would overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in CC v Ireland [2006] IESC 33 (23 May 2006).

You can find the arguments for such an amendment set out in the Report of the Committee on Child Protection (November 2006) – a report by a group of TDs and Senators.

One thought on “Under-age sex referendum

  1. Why should we amend the constitution to the betterment of criminals, given that this offence will now be allowed once the age difference is not greater than five years when either party is under 21 years?

    Our Constitution rightly places victims above criminals

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